Aftershock Games

Playa Vista, CA

Video games have changed substantially since their invention, from advanced digital graphics, online communities, immersive environments, to the ability for mobile play and engagement of a massively multiplayer game structure. Aftershock Gaming sought to consolidate into one main headquarters within the heart of the growing tech community in Silicon Beach. Exposed ceilings and concrete floors are juxtaposed by floating ceilings with fractures to emphasize the depth of the space. Solids and voids reference the seismic shifts of an earthquake and materially act as a guide leading to the central pantry. A playful installation of black rope, knit continuously from floor to wall to ceiling and back, creates a spatial link between different studios in a single creative community. Finishes and color are used to transition between primary socializing spaces and adjacent work areas, a reference to the ‘magnitude’ and dynamic quality of the experiences being created.

Photography: Art Gray Photography

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