Culver City, CA

Wongdoody is the epitome of a creative company.  They focus on thinking outside the box creating endless Human Experiences for top companies around the globe.  Collaboration is integral to their process and requires various types and scales of spaces to facilitate interaction.  
As with many others during the pandemic, the usual creative process among employees was challenged with new needs and parameters.  We worked side-by-side with Wongdoody to reimagine their office to accommodate more fluid types of interaction.  We removed built offices in the middle to allow for a massive communal table that became the heart of the space.  Encouraging impromptu meetings and collaborations adjacent to the kitchen and cafe.  In the reimagined kitchen space, large scale architectural gestures created a canvas for interactive elements displaying Wongdoody’s mosst cherished awards.
We relocated the main entrance and reception to integrate with a large all-hands meeting lounge area where the company connects weekly with Wongdoody offices all over the world.
It’s a fresh space.

Photography By Eric Staudenmaier

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