Broadway Historic
Adaptive Reuse

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The 10-story Merritt Building was completed in 1915 at the corner of 8th St and Broadway after a 23-story “skyscraper” proposal was squashed by City Council.  Hulett C. Merritt wanted to create a monument to his family.  The building was constructed with white Colorado Mule marble, the same as the Lincoln Memorial, inside and out making it the tallest building in the world at the time with such treatment. 

The building is part of the revitalization of Historic Broadway as the center of Los Angeles with the likes of many international retail, such as Apple & Nike, and restaurant brands setting roots.  The exterior is being restored to its original design that was drastically altered in the 70’s by California Savings & Loan.  Select areas of historic interiors are being restored while others are being modernized to support Creative Office culture. 

A beautiful roof deck and Fitness Center have been added as amenities.

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