Newmark DTLA

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The new downtown Los Angeles office for Newmark is meant to serve as not ‘just’ another real estate office, but rather as an inspiration for new organizational and working methodologies and a ‘showroom’ for the new workspace which is the foundation of Newmark’s business.  Specifically, saw-toothed micro-offices offer a relaxed perimeter around open workspaces, with collaborative areas woven throughout.  The primary concept used to guide the design philosophy for the workspace was that of a modern metropolis.  A series of urban ‘nodes’ were developed as a means of providing places for interaction and collaboration.  A welcoming Café with wood paneling accents, long communal tables, open kitchen, large interactive media and writeable walls acts as a creative hub where ideas develop and are allowed to percolate over a meal or coffee.  This hub, emphasized by an undulating angular ceiling, is the gateway to the larger workspace leading to a large centrally located production hub which serves to satisfy the company’s need for graphic inspiration, presentation material and large scale printing, while also providing a stage for interaction.  As users move through the space, several graphic, visual and tactile way-finding landmarks guide and inspire. 

Photography: TLP Photography

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