West Los Angeles
Creative Campus

West Los Angeles, CA

Derelict and unwelcoming, CPLA West Los Angeles was overdue for a complete face-lift. With new mid-rise neighbors coming soon, CPLA explores how it might adapt to maintain relevance in a fresh, developing area.

ODAA brings life to the exterior appearance with new bronze metal screens wrapping the building, identifying major circulation paths, and developing continuity between offices and the parking structure along the Paseo. The screen terminates at the parking garage as it makes a vertical gesture to screen a new exterior circulation stair while giving exterior personality to the campus. New paint, graphics, lighting, and stairs bring excitement to the interior of the building by combining contemporary design while re-envisioning branding. Creating a new pedestrian entry to the Campus aims to foster a miniature sense of community utilized for lunch breaks, outdoor meetings, and the possibility of nighttime events- a redevelopment aiming to invite passersby and adjacent developments to share the Paseo, becoming a welcoming hub for all.

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