Milken High School Reposition

Los Angeles, CA

ODAA’s work at Milken began in anticipation of students’ return to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic with a revitalization of the exterior spaces on campus.

With the clarity of students return to campus, our focus turned to reorganizing the campus through an extensive . Masterplanning exercise.  Phase 1 of the repositioning started with the creation of two new faculty workspace ‘Hubs’ as place for them to touchdown, share knowledge and interact with students.

The priority was consolidating division-specific faculty and staff to improve collaboration amongst educators within a welcoming environment for students and parents. A secondary goal was modernizing student amenity spaces to include a new Library that boasts stacks, collaboration space and cozy nooks for heads-down work.  We also worked closely with Milken to reposition the Administrative and Admissions offices to align with their new branding and core values.  The space reflects the modern approach to education with an open and welcoming interactive space.

Photography: TLP Photography

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